Get to know event place - Tampere & Laikku

TAMPERE | Culture city in the middle of Finland

The charming and culturally vibrant city of Tampere will be the location of the 27th ECWS Exhibition and Symposium. We chose Tampere for its unique charasteristicts; it's surrounded by lakes and eskers, it has perfect scale for walking, the cultural scene is lively and for you, the artist, the national landscape of Tammerkoski rapids and historical red brick buildings are guaranteed to inspire you work!

Tampere | Locations | Map | Useful info

LAIKKU | Culture Centre

The main venue for both the Exhibition and Symposium is the culture center Laikku, located in a historic old library building on the banks of the rapids. Laikku provides a large, beautiful, sunlit gallery and many functional spaces for Symposium events, like demos and workshops. So we are conveniently hosting nearly the whole program under one roof at a very central location. On the flipside, Laikku will undergo some renovation (on the exterior) in 2024, but that shouldn't meaningfully disrupt the ECWS event.