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I was born in Milan where I live and work. After experimenting with various painting techniques, I became fascinated, in 1972, by watercolour. In 1974 I entered the A.I.A. (Italian Watercolor Association) as an ordinary member, an association founded that same year with the aim of disseminating this wonderful and fascinating artistic form. I soon became advisor and secretary, honored to collaborate with the then President Aldo Raimondi.

That journey has never stopped: it subsequently allowed me, as the Vice President, to face the first international comparisons and subsequently, as the President and Honorary President, to continue to share this great passion with artists, gallery owners, collectors and friends.

My school  | The passion for watercolor and the desire to pass it on, the dream and its realization: my school, open to all those who want to approach this painting technique and to those who, despite knowing it, want to enrich themselves with new experiences.


"Due to the type of relationship with the students and the conception of his role, Gorlini's workshop is more a seminar than a school. They are sessions of exchange and mutual enrichment, which are held several times a year, in which the master's technique is the reference. Gorlini is against the imposition of academic schemes or formulas. He suggests technical solutions but leaves a lot of room for the enthusiasm and interpretation of those who participate..."

Umberto Gavinelli, Philosopher and art critic

Artist and architect

Michal Jasiewicz is professionally active architect and painter at the same time - he treats painting as a hobby which, besides architecture, is a passion and a part of lifestyle. Contrary to his technical education, Michal perceives watercolour as a category of painting/art rather than graphics. Elements of architecture frequently appear in his works, though they are never represented directly; they are usually part of a broader cultural landscape. The coexistence of the natural landscape and human artifacts makes a remarkable material which enables the artist to create a half-realistic, half-poetic vision of the world, a vision as elusive as the changing light or seasons of the year. The resulting works are  quite often inspired by a flash of light on a facade, shimmering surface of the water or billowing sky rather than by a particular object.

At present he is a recognized watercolor artist often invited to take part in prestigious events across the globe, where he often runs workshops and gives live painting sessions. Articles about him have been published, among others, in The Art of Watercolour (En.), Pratique des Arts (Fr.) and Artysta i Sztuka (Pol.). Many of his works can be found in European, Chinese and American collections.

Michal lives and works in his hometown Nowy Sącz, Poland.  | email: |


Artist and architect (ETSAV, UPC)

Terrassa 1972, Barcelona. Spain.

Cesc Farré has been awarded in numerous watercolor competitions and in an international painting jury. Currently, he combines watercolor teaching with his own research and creation. He is the author of the book "Mares y Cielos" (Seas and Skies) and several online watercolor courses. He presents in galleries, salons and exhibitions where he prioritizes recent and innovative creations.

He has been elected a member of the Canadian Society of Watercolorists (CSPWC_SPCA). Member of AAC (Association of Watercolorists of Catalonia, Barcelona) and member of SDWS (San Diego Watercolor Society). He is also the official ambassador of da Vinci Brushes and Scmincke Horadam. |


Artist and architect

For 30 years I have lived and worked on the island Styrsö in Gothenburg's southern archipelago, where I have my studio on a jetty by the water. For some time now, I have been working full-time as an artist, attending exhibitions and holding courses both in Sweden and abroad. As an architect, it is important to be able to express yourself visually. Drawing and painting were part of the architectural education, and people do a lot of sketching in this profession. 
It was during a longer education stint at the Gerlesborg art school in the late 1970's that opened my eyes to the watercolour technique. After much watercolour practice my heart was stuck to this form of painting. Can painting be so wild and free? Capturing the expression without demands for representation and accuracy?! Those were insights that led to an infatuation with the medium and a blissful obsession with trying to capture perceived beauty on paper.

WORKSHOPS | During my workshops I want to show all the beauty you can get from the different pigments. Their different characteristics and personalities cause them to behave in different ways when they dry on the paper. Watercolor techniques that I demonstrate and talk about can give you a good boost on your path to make enjoyable paintings! | Instagram:  lenaamstrand  | Facebook: Lena Amstrand



I’m a full time watercolor artist based in Sweden. I love capturing my surroundings in the language of watercolor. I paint mostly landscapes but also a few urban scenes every year. I enjoy using my imagination and paint a story on the paper.

As an artist I exhibit my art in national and international shows. One way of learning is by teaching others. This is why I share my experience online and through workshops. 

WORKSHOPS | Winter landscape
We’re going to capture a winter scenery using typical watercolor techniques. The goal is to translate the world around us in the language of watercolor, with a limited palette and a loose touch.


Visual artist

Working background and sources of inspiration.
Tero seeks inspiration from plants, flowers, birds, and historical layers of art.
He was awarded a gold medal at the London Cultural Olympics in 2012. Besides Finland, Tero has held exhibitions in Italy, France and Indonesia. Tero often combines colorful birds, flowers, recycled fabrics, and leaf metals with a round base shape. The rich use of lines in paintings is a passion for him.

Tero Annanolli's works are a confusingly fine combination of the present and the past. Annanolli knows art history very well. However, he will always be present in history. He brings us old-fashioned echoes of beauty, but always in a renewing way and with an eye towards the future. The beauty of his works is not the repetition of the old ones that have been seen many times because he combines boldly. His works may combine Byzantine gold splendor, Japanese delicate drawing, and Caravaggio-like theatrical use of light.”

Liisa Väisänen, Doctor of Philosophy of Arts

WORKSHOP  | Come to draw lines with a stick and color ink.
Inspiration from plants, flowers, birds. Take your own tools with you.

Working in an experiential Art Workshop® is surprising and memorable. We will make and manufacture our plotters and styluses in the workshop and use the ancient oriental ink technique. A water-thinned bottle ink is used to draw on an absorbent recycled paper base, combined with watercolor painting. In the workshop, you can also use your old watercolor paintings.
The direction is based on visual artist Tero Annanoll's strong artistic, pedagogical, and art history knowledge and his creative approach to doing things in a new way. Feedback often mentions skillful guidance and a supportive atmosphere. The art workshop allows you to focus and explore your creativity. The duration of the art workshop is 2 hours.
WORKSHOP CONTENTS | The art workshop is rhythmic and guided so that the work progresses from initial relaxation to the power of color. The working process is intense and meditative and helps to find the source of one's creativity.
TO WHOM | Suitable for anyone - from different backgrounds and ages.
Art Annanolli Academy® is a registered trademark.

Tero Annanolli| Art of Pedagogy for Visual Arts
email | +358 44 302146 |
Instagram: @teroannanolli | Facebook: @artannanolli


Metta Savolainen studied painting and printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1997. Savolainen has a diverse range of inspirations, often incorporating elements from the Finnish nature, religions, myths, as well as mathematics and physics into her works.

Since 1991 she has worked in many artist groups and held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Her commitment to education by teaching watercolor painting and color theory at Espoo Adult Education Center, along with conducting courses in various parts of Italy, reflects her passion for sharing her artistic knowledge. She works at the Arabia's Printmakers Studio, Helsinki.

DEMO |  Colors - The fascinating chemistry & history of historical colors and how to make watercolors by rubbing.

WORKSHOP | Own watercolors - Basic methods how to mix & prepare historical watercolors. Testing and making own colorbook.



Krista Kortelainen (1972) was born in Helsinki, where she still lives and works. She mainly paints with watercolor and acrylic. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, and has also studied in the Free Arts School in Helsinki. 

Krista Kortelainen is a member of The Finnish Painter’s Union and the Helsinki Artists’ Association. She has artworks in collections of Helsinki City and the State of Finland, in Foundation Sinaide Ghi, Rome Italy, and in the Finnish Data Communication Association TIEKE. In 2008 she received the 1st prize in the XVI Edizione International Watercolour Competition of Fondazione Sinaide Ghi, Rome.

Krista Kortelainen tells about her subject: "The theme of my art is often related to water - I paint waves, waterfalls, fountains, swamp and pond landscapes. I am inspired by the movement of water, reflection and color, the pursuit of these in painting by any means. Waterfalls, waves and fountains are great sensations and feelings; climaxes to the extreme moment and the desire to be seen."

@krista.kortelainen |


Artist, art teacher, designer, and implementer of art projects

Irina Rebnitskaya has been painting since childhood at the Hermitage art school, and later at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. She has also studied at Aalto University and the University of the Arts in Finland. Additionally, she has experience in jury duties and curator roles, including serving as the Finnish coordinator for the Urbino Festival in Italy. Furthermore, she has been teaching watercolor painting at the Watercolor Art Society's courses since 2017. She has also taught drawing and painting courses at the Repin Institute in Kotka, as well as summer university art courses in Päivölä, Harjavalta and Joutseno. In her own art, she explores the surroundings and loves plein-air painting. She has exhibited her art in 83 juried exhibitions and 14 solo exhibitions around the world. For more information, visit her website and social media channels.

DEMO | Reflections

WORKSHOP |People in town and figures in city surroundings. How to draw and paint a person.
Take you own tools with you.